TBL Players Of The Night

I think this may be another first in TBL history but how do you give the POTN to just one guy after last night? Everyone stand up and start clapping for your Boston Bruins!!! That’s right folks, the whole fuckin team gets the award. What a complete demolition of those pussies from Montreal last night. It kinda makes you want to take your pants off because you’re so excited…go ahead…admit it. It’s fine, we are all like minded people here at TBL. As Ony so eloquently stated to me via email last night, it was the second best game in the Garden this week(obviously a reference to Malden Catholic’s Super 8 triumph). I ask you, have the Bruins looked better all year then they did last night? Can they keep the same compete level through the playoffs? Damn I hope so, for my mental health as well as yours.

GO B’s! F the Habs!

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One Response to TBL Players Of The Night

  1. Const says:

    That was a BEAT DOWN! Hopefully the Candaians fan’s dont call 911 for getting RAPED last night!

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