Two Soccer Stories in One Day, My Bad, But This is Great.

ESPN.comSwitching from football to soccer won’t be easy for Chad Ochocinco, if it happens at all. Locked out of his day job, Ochocinco opened a four-day tryout with Sporting Kansas City on Wednesday and by the end of his first day with the Major League Soccer team the star receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals was panting for breath. “Exactly what I expected,” the six-time Pro Bowler explained. “I would be a little winded being that I haven’t ran at this pace or this level since the end of our season of football. It was fun. I didn’t expect to come in here and be Superman.”

I love this guy. He might be crazy and be a bad teammate and be a poison for his coach, but I just don’t care. This guy is the best. Is there any other athlete that would put himself through something like this? I had read before that soccer was his first love growing up but this is taking it to a different level. I think we can all be honest with each other and admit the MLS is shit, but what a coup this would be for them. It would 100% get me to go to a Revolution game. Of course I would sit there and just yell for Ocho to come into the game but still, I think just watching him warmup would be amazing.

Also, what kind of douche is Marvin Lewis? The guy is legit the worst coach in the league and he’s talking shit about Ocho? “What circle has he ever completed?” What does that even mean dude. The guy has been a football player in every sense of the word. Caught a million TD passes for that horrid franchise, played hurt, and had some of the most hilarious TD dances ever. P.S. Marvin, the guy CHANGED HIS FUCKING NAME TO OCHOCINCO. If that’s not completing a circle I don’t know what is. So Marvin, you shut the F up, sit back and enjoy the Ocho show, I know I’m rooting for him, he might make the MLS watchable.

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