TBL Player of the Night – Blake Griffin

A new twist on the TBL Player of the Night these days that I just decided to make up on my own….the award does not HAVE to go to a Boston player. When you’re blogging by yourself, you can pull shit like this. More often than not it will still go to a Boston player but since the C’s shit the proverbial bed last night and the B’s didn’t play today’s award goes to the soon to be NBA Rookie of the Year, Blake Griffin.

Why you ask? For a few reasons actually. Blake recorded his first career trip-dub last night going off for 33 points, 17 boards and 10 dimes. Pretty freakin impressive for someone his size if you ask me. This guy is just an animal. Secondly, he single-handedly pushed me ahead of Ony in our Fantasy hoops matchup, I am looking for another trip to the finals while Ony is looking to rediscover the horse shoe he had lodged in his ass a few years ago when he took my title(I hate that kid). Funny enough, Blake also helped Ony beat me in our Fanduel matchup. I was not pleased when I saw that this morning. I had him in my lineup then decided to sell him back at the last-minute and buy LeBron. I guess buying LeBron won’t work out for anyone this year, not just the Heat.

Lastly and I think most important is what happened when I googled Blake and a picture of his new girlfriend popped up. Honestly, this could earn him Player of the Night honors on nights he doesn’t even play. She’s like an angel, good gracious is she hot. Enjoy the photo and congrats on your first TBL POTN Blake.

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