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What a Bitch

Yea, I’m talking to you LeBron. You’re a bitch. What kind of professional athlete can’t take a little heat? Can anyone see Kobe doing something like this? or Michael? or Larry? or Magic? I mean, the list goes on. If … Continue reading

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So This is the Hottest Chick Alive

I guess the title says it all really. Anyone who reads this, I know, also reads Barstool and this was the Wakeup Chick this morning, Elle Basey. Apparently she is some English model or something. All I know is that she is hands … Continue reading

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What the fuck is up with these broads? Do you think growing up with Bob Saget as a father pushed them over the edge and made them complete oddballs? Has to be it.

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TBL Players Of The Night

I think this may be another first in TBL history but how do you give the POTN to just one guy after last night? Everyone stand up and start clapping for your Boston Bruins!!! That’s right folks, the whole fuckin … Continue reading

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Two Soccer Stories in One Day, My Bad, But This is Great. – Switching from football to soccer won’t be easy for Chad Ochocinco, if it happens at all. Locked out of his day job, Ochocinco opened a four-day tryout with Sporting Kansas City on Wednesday and by the end of … Continue reading

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TBL Player of the Night – Blake Griffin

A new twist on the TBL Player of the Night these days that I just decided to make up on my own….the award does not HAVE to go to a Boston player. When you’re blogging by yourself, you can pull shit … Continue reading

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Outside Air Conditioning Sounds Legit

ThePostGame – Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup by promising that its nine new open-air soccer stadiums would be air-conditioned. Now the Qataris have announced another cool twist to their hospitality — an artificial cloud to … Continue reading

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