Player of the Night

Here is a new feature here at TBL (The Boston List): The Player of the Night. Each night a Boston team plays, we will try to give out the player of the night award. This player doesn’t really need to do anything special to earn this distinct honor. We can just give to whoever we feel like.

Tonight we were blessed with 2 games, the B’s were in Vancouver and the C’s were in LA playing the Blakers. Without further ado, I present the first ever TBL Players of the Night.

Milan Lucic

Anytime you score the game winning goal vs. the best team in the league in what happens to also be your hometown, you win. That’s a rule.

And Nenad Krstic

Semih who?


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One Response to Player of the Night

  1. Fredi says:

    Kristic would get my vote for his unreal balding look that he’s got going on. Just bringing so much style to the Green. Looch is a man too, really all that needs to be said.

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