Will This Guy Ever Shut the Fuck Up?

Boston.comJohnny Damon returns to Fenway Park tonight with the Rays and some (or most) fans will boo him. They still can’t forgive Damon for signing with the Yankees after the 2005 season. “I guess whenever you put on the Yankees uniform they get upset about it,’’ Damon told reporters in Chicago yesterday. “I get booed. They absolutely despise me. I just have to say, ‘You’re welcome for ’04. You’re welcome for making it fun again over there.’ ’’

So I guess for some reason this is a story AGAIN. This guy called himself an Idiot when he was here and I have never seen a truer word describe someone. This guy exudes idiocy. At what point will he realize that people(and by people I mean real Sox fans, not Pink Hats) do not boo him for just putting on pinstripes, the Pink Hats pull that shit because they have no clue baseball existed before 2004. I was at his first game as a Yankee and stood up and cheered him loudly. Why? Because the guy deserved it. I know what he did for the team when he was here, anyone with an ounce of baseball knowledge did. The problem lies in the following statement The Idiot made in May of 2005…

“There’s no way I can go play for the Yankees, but I know they’re going to come after me hard. It’s definitely not the most important thing to go out there for the top dollar, which the Yankees are going to offer me. It’s not what I need.”

So now you have been reminded of this Johnny, would you care to ask why you get booed everytime you come to town? You get booed because you are a lying, money grubbing asshole, like 9 out of every 10 pro athletes who always say they love the city they play in until it comes to crunch time. Money talks, I understand that….I just wish you did too.

P.S. I love that SI cover. It makes me happy.

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What a Bitch

Yea, I’m talking to you LeBron. You’re a bitch. What kind of professional athlete can’t take a little heat? Can anyone see Kobe doing something like this? or Michael? or Larry? or Magic? I mean, the list goes on. If you want to be the greatest or at least in the conversation, you have to not only be able to deal with this, but you have to embrace it, feed off it, love it. That is what the best do. Larry would’ve pissed himself laughing if this happened to him, then he would have taken a proverbial shit on the chest of the other team. Granted this douche went out and threw up a triple-double, but I feel like a lot of the luster is taken off of it. Yea, it is impressive, but you pussied out man. You will never be anything more to me than a really awesome hoops player with no guts. Eat Shit LeBron, I can’t wait for the C’s to knock your ass out of the playoffs again.

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So This is the Hottest Chick Alive

I guess the title says it all really. Anyone who reads this, I know, also reads Barstool and this was the Wakeup Chick this morning, Elle Basey. Apparently she is some English model or something. All I know is that she is hands down the most ridiculous chick I have ever seen. I mean, she puts every other chick to shame. I am sorry if I offend any of the girls I know that read this(sorry Hamilton), but you know I am right. All I wanna do is have my own personal pants off dance off with her. Thank you Lord for putting this girl on this planet, WOW.

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What the fuck is up with these broads? Do you think growing up with Bob Saget as a father pushed them over the edge and made them complete oddballs? Has to be it.

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TBL Players Of The Night

I think this may be another first in TBL history but how do you give the POTN to just one guy after last night? Everyone stand up and start clapping for your Boston Bruins!!! That’s right folks, the whole fuckin team gets the award. What a complete demolition of those pussies from Montreal last night. It kinda makes you want to take your pants off because you’re so excited…go ahead…admit it. It’s fine, we are all like minded people here at TBL. As Ony so eloquently stated to me via email last night, it was the second best game in the Garden this week(obviously a reference to Malden Catholic’s Super 8 triumph). I ask you, have the Bruins looked better all year then they did last night? Can they keep the same compete level through the playoffs? Damn I hope so, for my mental health as well as yours.

GO B’s! F the Habs!

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Two Soccer Stories in One Day, My Bad, But This is Great.

ESPN.comSwitching from football to soccer won’t be easy for Chad Ochocinco, if it happens at all. Locked out of his day job, Ochocinco opened a four-day tryout with Sporting Kansas City on Wednesday and by the end of his first day with the Major League Soccer team the star receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals was panting for breath. “Exactly what I expected,” the six-time Pro Bowler explained. “I would be a little winded being that I haven’t ran at this pace or this level since the end of our season of football. It was fun. I didn’t expect to come in here and be Superman.”

I love this guy. He might be crazy and be a bad teammate and be a poison for his coach, but I just don’t care. This guy is the best. Is there any other athlete that would put himself through something like this? I had read before that soccer was his first love growing up but this is taking it to a different level. I think we can all be honest with each other and admit the MLS is shit, but what a coup this would be for them. It would 100% get me to go to a Revolution game. Of course I would sit there and just yell for Ocho to come into the game but still, I think just watching him warmup would be amazing.

Also, what kind of douche is Marvin Lewis? The guy is legit the worst coach in the league and he’s talking shit about Ocho? “What circle has he ever completed?” What does that even mean dude. The guy has been a football player in every sense of the word. Caught a million TD passes for that horrid franchise, played hurt, and had some of the most hilarious TD dances ever. P.S. Marvin, the guy CHANGED HIS FUCKING NAME TO OCHOCINCO. If that’s not completing a circle I don’t know what is. So Marvin, you shut the F up, sit back and enjoy the Ocho show, I know I’m rooting for him, he might make the MLS watchable.

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TBL Player of the Night – Blake Griffin

A new twist on the TBL Player of the Night these days that I just decided to make up on my own….the award does not HAVE to go to a Boston player. When you’re blogging by yourself, you can pull shit like this. More often than not it will still go to a Boston player but since the C’s shit the proverbial bed last night and the B’s didn’t play today’s award goes to the soon to be NBA Rookie of the Year, Blake Griffin.

Why you ask? For a few reasons actually. Blake recorded his first career trip-dub last night going off for 33 points, 17 boards and 10 dimes. Pretty freakin impressive for someone his size if you ask me. This guy is just an animal. Secondly, he single-handedly pushed me ahead of Ony in our Fantasy hoops matchup, I am looking for another trip to the finals while Ony is looking to rediscover the horse shoe he had lodged in his ass a few years ago when he took my title(I hate that kid). Funny enough, Blake also helped Ony beat me in our Fanduel matchup. I was not pleased when I saw that this morning. I had him in my lineup then decided to sell him back at the last-minute and buy LeBron. I guess buying LeBron won’t work out for anyone this year, not just the Heat.

Lastly and I think most important is what happened when I googled Blake and a picture of his new girlfriend popped up. Honestly, this could earn him Player of the Night honors on nights he doesn’t even play. She’s like an angel, good gracious is she hot. Enjoy the photo and congrats on your first TBL POTN Blake.

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